Australia: a country with thousands of above-average surf breaks | Photo: WSL

"The Surfer's Travel Guide: Australia" is a must-have book for those who live and surf Down Under, but also for first-timers in the land of kangaroos.

Where would you go if you had a week to explore Australia's surfing potential? Which surf spot should you try? How could you get a board? When would you catch the best waves?

The Australian surf spot index, compiled by Chris Rennie, has all the answers to your Australian surfing doubts and questions.

Despite all the online information, this 352-page handbook is a valuable gem.

For example, we open to page 227 and find Snapper Rocks and its main features: wave description, best swell and wind conditions, getting there info, the dangers, the rumors about the break, and a few extra tips for the outsiders.

The guide includes hundreds of pictures, a beer guide, radio station frequency charts, and travel hints.

Whether you're visiting Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia, Queensland, New South Wales, or Tasmania, the book leads you in the right direction with detailed maps of each region.

The Surfer's Travel Guide: Australia: a comprehensive surf break index

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Chris Rennie hopes that his surf break index induces people to start their own journey in search of perfect surf. Because the wave you have been dreaming of is right around the corner.

"For many of you, this book may be the start of the planning for the big surf adventure. Make the most of it, as the experiences you'll have will form some of the fondest memories and enough stories for a lifetime of campfires," notes the author.

"The Surfer's Travel Guide: Australia" also features a chapter with ten classic Australian waves and another section with five of the heaviest breaks the country has to offer.

And a few encouraging words from Surfrider Foundation Australia and Ross Clarke-Jones.

"Australia has some of the most amazing coastlines to explore. Get out there, don't hesitate, and you'll find the gold you're looking for," says the big wave surfer.

What are you waiting for? Book a surf trip to Australia.

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