The "Chromatic" waves of Riley Blakeway

September 12, 2012 | Surfing
Chromatic: surfing over the sunset

"Chromatic" is a conceptual surf movie directed by Riley Blakeway, the unstoppable filmmaker.

Nathan Fletcher and Chippa Wilson couldn't be in better hands. The "Chromatic" surf stars are alive, just like the colors of life and the multiple surf spots in which they display their art.

Chroma is the Greek word for color and the key to freedom against monotony.

In this surf film, everything can happen - super aerial moves, 360 tricks on the face of the wave, and power cutbacks.

"Chromatic" was filmed over the course of a year in Australia, California, France, Fiji, Central America, and Hawaii. Fergal Smith and Benny Godwin were also invited to ride along.

With a little retro touch, black and white footage, highly-contrasted moments, and pixelated waves, this cinematic artwork might inspire old and new school surfers.