Salt & Silver: blending Latin American surfing and cooking

Find us a surfer that doesn't like to eat. Impossible. The only thing a surfer wants after a three-hour surf session is a tasty meal. And if it's summertime, a cold beer is never too much, thank you.

The story of German adventurers Johannes Riffelmacher and Thomas Kosikowski is quite spicy.

They quit their jobs, pooled all their savings, and embarked on a salty journey through Latin America, a subcontinent of long, perfect waves and unpredictable gastronomies.

Call it whatever you want: regional cuisines, modern tapas, or national dishes.

With "Salt & Silver," you'll never be hungry. And while you please your eyes with the stunning food photos, you'll confirm that Central and South America are the next big thing when it comes to unexplored surf spots.

Johannes and Thomas left Hamburg with two surfboards, a sharp knife, boardshorts, and a backpack full of photo equipment. They knew what they were looking for: surprising recipes and unbelievable surf. Fair enough.

Johannes Riffelmacher and Thomas Kosikowski: surfing and eating in Latin America

Food Lovers

The final result is a compilation of Latin American recipes that could hear compliments from Gordon Ramsay.

The German duo considers themselves street food lovers, and "Salt & Silver" invites into eight gastronomic cultures from Cuba, Mexico, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Ecuador, Peru, and Chile.

"The food photos in this book were taken on the spot, literally on the way from the stove to the table or into our mouths. Neither of us has had any professional culinary training," explain Riffelmacher and Kosikowski.

"Our selection of surf spots ranges from beginner beach breaks to perfect barrels over razor-sharp reefs, so there should be something for everyone. To help you locate them, we've provided GPS coordinates."

Learn how to cook a "Ropa Vieja" in Havana, "Tacos de Chorizo" in Ciudad de Mexico, "Vigorón" in Granada, "Tica Pita" in Tamarindo, "Mandarin Orange Ceviche" in Panama City, "Empanadas" in Quito, "Tiradito de Atún" in Mancora, and "Carne à la Naudón" in Arica.

"Salt & Silver: Travel, Surf, Cook" has 320 pages, 90 recipes, and dozens of surf spots for you to taste and ride.

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