The Encyclopedia of Surfing: the digital baby has been born

The digital Encyclopedia of Surfing is online. Matt Warshaw and his team have unveiled the largest digital archive of the sport of riding waves.

The concept is simple. You search, you find.

From "A-frame" to "zinc oxide," helps you understand and discover the history of surfing, the surf stars, the science, and the events that marked the timeline.

Matt Warshaw's online Encyclopedia of Surfing is a California-registered non-profit, does not accept advertising, has no subscription fees, and is entirely funded through donations and membership. offers a search bar where you ask for knowledge. There are thousands of entries with videos, pictures, surf quotes, and interesting stories behind centuries of wave-riding activities.

Still, access seems to be severely limited, and not all search queries end up with fruitful answers. The left navigation bar is definitely not the best option, but the juicy content has been uploaded, it's there, and it is worth a regular visit.

The surf historian will also be updating his blog with unreal tales from the past and present line-ups. If you don't own the print edition of the Encyclopedia of Surfing, visit the online repository.

Top Stories

Surfers tend to think they perform better than they actually do.

In an emotional message shared on his social media accounts, Filipe Toledo announced his withdrawal from the remainder of the 2024 Championship Tour season.

Barron Mamiya and Caitlin Simmers claimed the 2024 Pipe Pro at Banzai Pipeline, Oahu, Hawaii.

Local charger Tiago Stock claimed the 10th annual Capítulo Perfeito at Carcavelos Beach, Portugal, by defeating Rob Machado, Dylan Graves, and Balaram Stack in the final.