The Endless Summer: the iconic surf movies was released in 1966 | Photo: Bruce Brown

The 50th-anniversary commemorative edition of the global release of the iconic film "The Endless Summer" is a 236-page, signed an exclusive numbered edition book.

When a travel agent suggested Bruce Brown that a flight from Los Angeles to Cape Town would cost $50 more than a trip circumnavigating the world, the American filmmaker thought twice and decided that his film was going to have a new story.

"The Endless Summer" was released on June 15th, 1966. The iconic surf movie follows surfers Robert August and Mike Hynson on a surf trip around the world.

They visit and surf Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Tahiti, and Hawaii, and meet up with local stars including Rodney Sumpter, Nat Young, Miki Dora, Phil Edwards, and Butch Van Artsdalen.

The documentary film is filled with jokes, cool vibes, and sly humor, but it never loses its original DNA - the search, the exploration, and the traveling spirit of the surfer.

"The Endless Summer: 50th Anniversary" is a deluxe book and movie edition ($795) autographed by Bruce Brown, but there will only be 1966 copies available.

The bundle includes a remastered DVD, a 35mm film strip with five frames from the movie, and three drawings showing the design progression of the final iconic poster.

And because it is a limited edition, it also features two catalog envelopes with copies of invoices, airline tickets, sales receipts, and other memorabilia from the trip, a commemorative medallion, and a certificate of authenticity.

"The Endless Summer" is one of the best surf movies of all time.

The Endless Summer: 50th Anniversary: a 236-page, signed and exclusive numbered edition book

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