The fables and myths of "Surfing Down South"

January 2, 2015 | Surfing
Surfing Down South: the Len Dibben Surf Team back in 1965 | Photo:

Reading and discovering "Surfing Down South" is diving into the magnificent history of wave riding in Western Australia.

If you're an Australian surfer, going West automatically means adventure, rest, uncrowded waves, desert landscapes and unnamed surf spots. If you're just curious about the land of Taj Burrow, then you'll be surprised and amazed.

Nevertheless, despite the silence and the arid sights, Western Australia hides tales, and impossible surfing stories. Sue-Lyn Aldrian-Moyle, author and photojournalist, has fallen in love with the region, and poured that passion into an elegant surf book.

"I started by talking to Kevin Merifield and Rob Conneeley and from there it became the question of 'who should I see next? Which stories do I follow?' There is just an endless amount of offshoot stories, so along the way I was having to judge where to go, and with what stories," reveals Sue-Lyn.

"Surfing Down South" is an authentic piece of history structured by a real historian. It connects the Australia surf lifesaving movement to the birth of surfing in Margaret River and Yallingup.

At the same time, the book introduces readers to the local legends of the sport through an intelligent use of photography, captions, and short side stories.

"I discovered what a golden era the 50s, 60s and 70s really were, and how much Margaret River has and hasn't changed. The one constant is the surf. People are still coming down for that and staying."

"Fables and myths turned into definitive facts when consulting the sources, and I hope the storytelling fairy-tale of the down south surf -diary is retained while being historically accurate at the same time," concludes Sue-Lyn Aldrian-Moyle.

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