The Future of Surfboards: there's everything a modern surfer will need

How will the surfboards be in the future? Will they embed gadgets such as mobile phones? Will surfers be able to feed themselves while enjoying the pleasures of wave riding? Where is innovation in modern surfing?

Well, in 2004, Intel - the world's largest chip manufacturer - created the world's first-ever surfboard with a built-in wireless laptop.

The surfboard allowed surfers to check their emails and surf the internet.

We're living in a world of global communications, so decided to shape the surfboard of the future or, if you wish, the futuristic surfboard.

Here's our proposal:

1. HD Camera: good for capturing the biggest barrel of your life and proving it to your friends and family;

2. iPad w/ Internet Access: "yes, boss. I am in a middle of a meeting. I'll call you back in a few waves... er... minutes";

3. GPS w/ Height Measurement: your aerial moves will be recorded, and you'll enter the "Biggest Air of the History of Surfing" after many tries;

4. Finger Pulse Oximeter: is my body responding well to seven consecutive duck dives?;

5. HiFi Embedded Speakers: hit the peak with Metallica or Jack Johnson;

6. Propeller: tired of paddling? No problem. Press "on"; thinks these are the best add-ons for the future surfboard. Have you got other suggestions?

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