The Super Bank: the Gold Coast is a World Surfing Reserve | Photo: Sean Scott/WSR

The Gold Coast has been announced as the 8th World Surfing Reserve (WSR). The official ceremony will take place in 2016.

The World Surfing Reserves is a program designed and launched by Save The Waves Coalition in 2009.

Australia's Gold Coast joins Malibu, Ericeira, Manly Beach, Santa Cruz, Huanchaco, Bahia Todos Santos, Baja California, and Punta de Lobos.

"The decision would help preserve the world-renowned beaches and the surrounding environment. I'm disappointed for Noosa, but it is terrific news and great recognition for everyone who worked so hard to have the Gold Coast beaches declared a surfing reserve," underlines Steven Miles, the Queensland Environment Minister.

Gold Coast's nomination for World Surfing Reserve includes 16 kilometers of perfect surf peaks breaking from Snapper Rocks to Burleigh Point.

"This year, we received three extraordinarily high-quality applications from Gold Coast, Guarda do Embaú and Noosa. Each applicant was highly unique. However, the Gold Coast's combination of perfect point breaks and world champions was a deciding factor in winning the approval for 2016," noted Nik Strong-Cvetich, executive director of Save The Waves Coalition.

The goal of the World Surfing Reserves program is to identify, designate and preserve singular wave peaks, surf regions, the surrounding natural environment, and the local economic and cultural factors.

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