Ride Natty Ride: a documentary on the impact of Bob Marley's music on Jamaican surf and skate culture

"Ride Natty Ride" is a visual celebration of what Bob Marley and his music mean to the surf and skateboarding community worldwide.

The documentary features interviews with the godfather of Jamaican surfing and owner of the Jamnesia Surf Camp, Billy "Mystic" Wilmot.

The 30-minute film also includes surf-and-skate action from Jamaican surfers and skateboarders Shama "Superman" Beckford, Ivah Wilmot, Froggboss WellRaggedy, and Kalya Wheeler, as well as American pro skater Boo Johnson, and art director at Tuff Gong and friend of Bob Marley, Neville Garrick.

"Ride Natty Ride" is one of the 12 episodes of "Legacy," a web docu-series that celebrates the contribution of Bob Marley and his music to the world we live in today.

This film, in particular, details the importance of community, self-expression, and the feeling of freedom within the surfing and skateboarding cultures and draws parallels to Marley's music.

Surfing became a popular outdoor activity in Jamaica in the early 1970s, and since then, it has never stopped growing and evolving.

The most popular surf breaks in Jamaica are Zoo, Lighthouse, Makka, Berlin, Copa, Boston, and Peenie Wallie.

"Ride Natty Ride" is also the name of a song written and composed by the legendary Jamaican singer and musician.

The track was released in 1979 in the album "Survival."

The surf-and-skate-influenced "Legacy" episode follows the digital EP release of "Songs of Freedom: Rarities."

The album features Marley songs from alternate mixes previously unavailable for streaming, including the original version of "Iron Lion Zion," "Is This Love" (horns mix), "One Love/People Get Ready" (12" mix), and more.

Skateboarding: Jamaican skaters ride to the sound of Bob Marley

The Photo Book

Coming this October, and in continued celebration of the late musical and cultural icon's 75th birthday, Rizzoli will be publishing "Bob Marley: Portrait of the Legend."

The photo book is a celebration of the life and influence of the forefather of reggae and the first book of its kind authorized by the Marley Family.

Curated by Ziggy Marley, drawing exclusively on images from the Marley family archives, the publication showcases over 150 photographs in celebration of the life of one of the greatest musical and sociopolitical icons of twentieth-century pop culture.

Making the most of its oversized pages, the book is designed as a monument to Marley's influence, mixing the iconic and the intimate.

"Bob Marley: Portrait of the Legend" also brings together striking images of his on-stage performances, along with glimpses into his creative process in and out of the studio and family life in Jamaica.

"I am blessed to present to you this very special collection of photographs from our archives," says Ziggy Marley.

"There is a cliché term, 'a picture is worth a thousand words.' From my experience of looking through hundreds and hundreds of photos for this book, I will say, yes, it is true."

Reggae: music is an important part of every Jamaican surfer's life

A Global Music Ambassador

Bob Marley was born on February 6, 1945, in Nine Mile, Jamaica.

He was responsible for the popularization of reggae music across the world but also played a very important role in his country's political chess match.

Marley passed away on May 11, 1981, aged 36.

The Jamaican icon has been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (1994), the Hollywood Walk of Fame (2001), and the ASCAP Songwriters Hall of Fame (2010).

In 2001, the reggae king also received a posthumous Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award and earned a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Today, he remains one of the 21st century's most important and influential entertainment icons and one of the top posthumous celebrities on social media, with over 70 million followers on Facebook.

"Legend," a compilation album with Bob Marley's greatest hits originally released in 1984, is the world's best-selling reggae album of all time.

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