Australia: the land of waves

Australia has a solid reputation as a fabulous holiday destination for surf addicts, and its biggest city - Sydney - is certainly no exception to the trend.

There are thousands of incredible surf spots in Australia.

Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South and West Australia, and Tasmania have several different types of places: reef, point, and beach breaks.

Surfing in the Northern Territory will not be a good option.

Manly Beach is one of the best-loved of Sydney's northern beaches and just so happens to be an excellent surfing spot.

Many of the old tourist pamphlets liked to pitch it as being "Seven miles from Sydney and a thousand miles from care," and the old-school slogan doesn't stray far from the truth.

There are many surf schools in the area, and this patch is excellent for beginners.

For the experienced surfer, however, the real surf action is to be found at North Narrabeen.

This spot is famous for its breathtaking beach breaks, and this is where the cream of the local surfer crowd is to be found in Sydney.

Beginners should check it out, too. This is a great place to get tips from the pros and marvel at the masters in action.

Whether you are a seasoned pro or a complete stranger to the sport, it's often helpful to take advice from those who are most used to the conditions of the area you are visiting.

Sydney Surf is a great surf instruction company, offering one-off lessons as well as full weekend or week-long courses designed to match your needs according to your ability and your level of experience.

Other useful local ports of call include Bondi Surf School and Manly Surf School.

Whenever getting involved in any water sport, it is essential to be aware of the weather and wave conditions on the day.

Where possible, check online before departure, and if, upon arrival, you find that you are still in doubt, consult an expert.

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