SurfOut: it could be a surfboard for beginners

The SurfOut is a surfboard powered by an outboard engine equipped with power steering, inspired by the 1990's Surfjet.

Half surfboard, half jet ski. The SurfOut is an engine designed for the US military but it may be released as a commercial version with different horsepower.

"The SurfOut is modular. It's possible to change the engine and the board, which could be offered in various sizes according to the age, experience, budget, height, and mass of the pilot", explains Charles Bombardier, entrepreneur and engineer.

"The Surfboard incorporates a 3,5-gallon fuel tank and two storage spaces. The optional power steering mechanism attaches to the engine, and the pilot can activate it with a handheld controller. It would also be possible to simply turn the board by leaning your weight on one side or the other".

Underneath the SurfOut, Charles added two stabilizers and lights under the hull to illuminate the ocean floor at night.

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