The Kelly Slater Wave Company promises endless wave rides

October 28, 2011 | Surfing
Kelly Slater Wave Co: it's hard to photograph his pool these days

The Kelly Slater Wave Company is working hard to get the first artificial surf pool available in the market, in 2014.

Currently, the entire team of engineers and hydrodynamic specialists is fine tuning the small-scale project in which the artificial wave start to take shape.

The first images and footage from the artificial waves designed by Kelly Slater were unveiled by CBS News. In the last days, another video was published in the official YouTube channel of the Kelly Slater Wave Co.

The Floridian surfer and entrepreneur explains that "this whole thing started as an idea. To recreate a true surfing experience. What we have is something totally unique".

He continues. "I know we're going to make wave humans have ever made. In the doughnut-shaped pool you can potentially ride an endless wave, fully barreling and doing airs on it. You can do every maneuver you want to do. This is the future", confirms the 10-time world surfing champion.

Slater tells the technology, the blueprint of what is going to be done and the desire to build it already exist so "it is going to happen. First time somebody sees this wave, barreling and peeling down the pool, you're just going to say 'holy s--t'".

The artificial wave pool euphoria is pumping world surfers. There are more models and concepts of surf parks and pools trying to get their share of the market. Discover them.