Kelly Slater Wave Company: designing the perfect tube

The website is already on and the details start to emerge. Ten-time world champion Kelly Slater is about to kick off one of the greatest challenges of the surfing world: to create the perfect artificial wave in a controlled environment.

"Good quality waves any day is like gold", says the Floridian surfer in his regular Youtube vidcasts.

The surfer-entrepreneur has already named his company.

The Kelly Slater Wave Company will develop engineering techniques allowing surfers to "rent" overhead waves for half an hour.

When will we be enjoying these wave pools? There's no precise date, but we know Kelly Slater will make it happen sooner than we think.

A few months ago, published an article about the future of wave pools, which is a great example of the splendid research being carried out in this field.

The best surf parks, surf pools and artificial waves were also featured.

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