Kelly Slater: the number 10 is in your sleep

The sixth installment of the ASP's sole roving event license, the Rip Curl Pro Search, is gearing up for a historic couple of weeks as the world's best surfers converge on the island paradise of Puerto Rico.

Stop No. 9 of 10 on the 2010 ASP World Tour, the Rip Curl Pro Search Portugal will enjoy a waiting period from October 30 through November 10, 2010, and potentially bear witness to one of the greatest sporting feats in history.

Kelly Slater (USA), 38, former nine-time ASP World Champion and current ASP World No. 1, is firmly in the driver's seat in the race for the 2010 title heading into the Caribbean, with only young South African and current ASP World No. 2, Jordy Smith (ZAF), 22, remaining in the hunt.

"The pundits are correct (it's absolutely mine to lose at this point)," Slater said.

"I'm in as good a position as I could hope for coming out of Portugal with Jordy (Smith) finishing well there. I'm pretty comfortable, but I know Jordy has been consistent all year and could win another event. I just have to do my thing on the other side of the draw, and I'm still looking to win events if I'm in them. I'm excited for Puerto Rico. It used to be a second home. We'll see how familiar it feels."

For Slater to clinch his historic 10th ASP Crown at the Rip Curl Pro Search Puerto Rico, the following scenarios must occur:

- If Slater finishes Equal 3rd or better, he clinches the 2010 ASP World Title.

- If Slater finishes Equal 5th or Equal 9th, Smith must win the event to send the ASP World Title Race to Hawaii.

- If Slater finishes Equal 13th or Equal 25th, Smith must finish Equal 3rd or better to send the ASP World Title Race to Hawaii.

- Essentially, if Smith fails to finish higher than Equal 5th, Slater claims the 2010 ASP World Title.

With his familiarity with the venue and enthusiasm with the Rip Curl Pro Search event, the iconic Floridian is looking as dangerous as ever.

"I actually pitched the idea to Quiksilver six or eight years ago, hoping they would do it to start the year," Slater said.

"I think it's a great idea, and we should have more variety and worldwide mobile events."

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