Stephanie Gilmore: her favorite images are of the ocean | Photo: Nikon

Nikon reveals a glimpse into Stephanie Gilmore's natural self in an intimate video focusing on her passions outside of the water, including music and photography.

Titled "Freedom to Achieve," the short film showcases Stephanie's creativity beyond the waves, revealing her strength and determination through her rigorous workouts and breath training, alongside her love for her hometown, Coolangatta, in Northern New South Wales.

The video showcases a glimpse of how Stephanie balances femininity and fierceness, sharing her motivation and drive for training as a professional athlete and an exclusive insight into her life away from the spotlight.

The seven-time world surfing champion's love for photography started in 2007 during her first Championship Tour, where she captured moments of her travels and companions.

Stephanie Gilmore: she has been taking pictures since 2007 | Photo: Nikon

A Longtime Passion

"I started shooting a lot of film just around my travels and then realized that film and capturing images is so much fun," explains Gilmore.

"Surfing and photography are both very creative outlets for human beings to express what they are feeling."

"For me, working with water as a subject is incredible because it is always changing and gives you something new to see, it is a place of unknown but is so powerful, and that is why some of my favorite images are of the ocean," Stephanie shares.

Stephanie has been a partner of the brand since 2011 thanks to the strong synergy and affiliation between surfing and photography.

"As human beings, photographs, and stories and memories, that's all we really have. So, it's awesome to be able to capture them in the most quality way. You know when you have captured a moment because it feels right for you,"

The film was shot using the Nikon Z 6 and Nikkor lenses in full-frame 4K UHD cinema quality.

In creating the film, the Z 6 was used in a variety of environments to capture dimly lit scenes at both sunrise to sunset, aerial shots attached to a drone and underwater footage.

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