Fuerteventura: a wind sports heaven | Photo: Carter/PWA

The Canary Islands probably enjoy the best climate in the world. They are also one of the most popular destinations on the planet for windsurfers, kitesurfers, and wave riders in general.

The archipelago's trade-wind-swept coasts and its UNESCO Biosphere Reserve seabeds are considered unique settings to practice a wide range of nautical and aquatic sports.

At the same time, they're an irresistible attraction for surfers and scuba divers from across the world who can meet up any time of the year, drawn by a climate like no other.

Yes, in the Canary Islands, it's all about the sea and the waves.

The seven islands' great beaches and volcanic landscapes awaken the senses and revitalize the spirit of everyone who enjoys their gentle places.

La Gomera: small and beautiful | Photo: Canary Islands Tourism Board

Pozo Izquierdo

This peculiarity, together with mild and pleasant year-round temperatures, makes the Canarian coasts an epicenter of the most important open sea sports competitions on the international agenda in the areas of windsurfing, kiteboarding, sailing, and deep-sea fishing, along with underwater photography competitions in an ocean that bathes unique biodiversity.

The world's leading competitors meet on the Islands, drawn by the Atlantic breeze and an excellent range of accommodations with top-quality facilities, perfect not just for competing in the number of challenges the archipelago hosts but also as a place of entertainment.

Pozo Izquierdo, in the municipal district of Santa Lucía, in the southeast of the island, is one of the windiest places on earth, making it ideal for holding windsurfing competitions.

El Medano: a windsurfing center | Photo: Carter/PWA

El Arenal and El Médano

At El Arenal, the name by which the locals know the beach, the wind usually blows in a southerly direction and tends to be very strong, with waves up to three meters high.

Skill in planning and handling air acrobatics, as well as good physical training, are needed to win one of the most demanding nautical competitions in the world.

At El Médano, in southern Tenerife, trade winds are frequent, and together with the extensive beaches of golden sand, which run for more than three kilometers, framed by a mountain horizon, they are a magnet for surfers.

Canary Islands: the best climate in the world | Photo: Carter/PWA


Fuerteventura is also a popular spot for both windsurfers and kiteboarders, and it holds several international competitions alongside an extensive range of fine foods and free concerts.

The seabeds off the coasts of Lanzarote, Gran Canaria, and El Hierro are also center stage for photoshoots that attract the world's leading underwater photographers.

The area around Playa Chica promises everyone the chance to capture beautiful and stunning images of underwater life in a place that is unique in the world.

The Canary Islands are a magical place. If you're a water enthusiast, then the Canaries are waiting for your visit.

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