Swell and surfing: ocean forecast knowledge is critical

The modern oceanography and the future of surfing will be discussed at the 11th Annual Surfing Arts, Science and Issues Conference, at La Jolla, between February 16-17, 2013.

The Groundswell Society wants to take surf forecasting to the general public. That is why sharing information and knowledge about marine weather is so important.

Modern surfing is becoming more data-dependent, all the time.

The world of oceanography offers a wide spectrum of information, from the observations of the ancient Greeks to today's complex mathematical models and data-gathering networks.

The conference scheduled for the Scripps Institution of Oceanography will have a list of speakers which includes the father of surf reports, Dr. Walter Munk, the forecasting team at Surfline, and Dr. Falk Feddersen, a research scientist at Scripps.

"Waves Across the Pacific", the 1963 documentary on the Scripps project that confirmed theories connecting Antarctic storms with surf all around the Pacific, will be screened.

Talks about the origin of swell, surf zone pollution, and surf forecast technology can be attended by the general public.

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