Nathan Fletcher: the Teahupoo nightmare

Surf magazines call it the heaviest wave of the year; others pick it as the biggest wipeout of 2011, and a few believe it is one of the most difficult rides ever. Nathan Fletcher is a surfer with more attitude than the hype around him.

On August 27, 2011, it was Code Red Day at Teahupoo, in Tahiti. Locals thought almost all waves were unsurfable.

The heavy lips and deep rides were definitely a huge risk for the lives of experienced surfers.

Nathan Fletcher, for many the best all-around surfer in the world, felt he had to drop in that huge 20-foot monster and go for it.

After bottom turning, he knew he had to speed up on the highway ahead.

The footage tells the rest of the story. Despite the horror images, Fletcher came out safe and sound.

In the end, the 37-year-old surfer from San Clemente scored a few cover magazines and the respect of the entire world surfing community.

Nathan Fletcher is one of the most flexible surfers, as he proves his quality skills in the small and big waves, scoring deep barrels and going vertical for the exquisite aerial repertoire.

The year 2011 has only been a confirmation of what he will show us in the upcoming wave rides.

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