Drones: shooting surfers from the sky

The commercial drone industry is taking off, and surfing prepares to welcome a brand new angle. Is the personal point of view generation already outdated?

The future of surfing comes from the sky. Interestingly, surfing gets a bright innovation from the air with the new unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). Helicopter owners, change your business model, please.

Waterproof cameras gave surfers the ability to check their rides and correct their skills. The GoPro surfing generation is recording stories for life. But what's next?

Drones are aircraft systems without an onboard human pilot. They can easily carry a high-resolution camera that will capture all the action from up above.

Can you imagine an aerial perspective of Kelly Slater riding Pipeline or Teahupoo, with a drone flying by a mere two meters away? That is not the future, it's today.

The first surfing videos captured from aerial drones have been flourishing on the internet. One of the most stunning footage has been recorded at Skeleton Bay, Namibia, in an epic day of perfect surf.

Drones can be controlled everywhere, outdoors or indoors. Shooting surf at Jaws or even broadcasting live from the upcoming artificial surf pools will be as trivial as having a coffee.

There are new eyes for surfers and surfing as a popular sport. Getting barreled with a drone... Interesting. So, what will you try with your portable surfing drone?

There's a drone revolution in the making, changing our perspective of modern surfing. How will surf filmmakers use it? Can your girlfriend/boyfriend capture your glorious wave rides?

If you want to own a surfing drone, the DJI Phantom 4 is ready to fly the moment you unpack it and has an external removable mount for you to attach cameras like GoPro.

Discover the best surfing drones in the world.

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