The new social network for surfers

August 26, 2011 | Surfing join your mates

Have you tasted the pleasure of extreme adventures? Do you like to bring water and wind under the control? Are you fond of surfing, windsurfing or kitesurfing? Do you want to find like-minded fellows and share your impressions with them or learn something new? is the new social website created to unite all lovers of extreme water sports. Wave riders from all over the world gather here to communicate, share news and events, groove and have fun, share experiences and positive emotions around the clock.

Developers of web site have seen all nuances and created a usable, informative and free platform for communication.

“We have made geo-referenced spots in order that you can always stay in touch with your friends and keep the track of events from those places, where you like to surf. Wherever you live, wherever you go, whatever waves you are dreaming of, those spots will help you to find a place for your future travels or to refresh memory about past ones”, says Igor from

“You can discuss interesting topics on those spots. You can also receive answers on many questions surfers are excited about, such as where to surf, in what time, what equipment to take, or where to rent it, how to take to some place and where to stay there”, he adds. provides its users with all the opportunities available in classic social networks.

You can set videos and photos depicting your tricks; browse photos and videos of other surfers; keep and read diaries; join and organize special groups in order to share your experience and any useful information; configure your profile at own discretion; shop and sale your old stuff and so on. You have endless possibilities”, he adds. is a user-friendly multifunctional social network used by surfers all around the world. English and partly Spanish, French, Italian, Russian and Indonesian versions of web site are already available. Portuguese and German versions are coming soon.

The registration is free and will take you only few minutes.