Gwynedd Haslock: still surfing after all these years

Gwynedd Haslock was the pioneer of female surfing in the United Kingdom. More than 60 years after her first ride, she's still catching waves in Cornwall.

This woman is an example to us all. "Can and Will: Gwyn Haslock" is a short surf documentary about the extraordinary surfing life of the first British female surfing champion.

After dominating the bellyboards in the 1950s, Haslock decided to try a 10-foot longboard.

Back then, these giant surfboards were exclusively used by lifeguards, and wetsuits were not available.

"My first competition was in 1965, where I was the only lady. I just love the freedom of being out in the sea, going with the flow of the wave. There's nothing like it. Every wave is different," underlines Haslock.

Gwynedd Haslock bought her first board - named "Big Bertha" - when she was 21. Today, she's the oldest female surfer in the UK.

One of the first British ladies to learn to surf was Agatha Christie, the famous crime novelist.

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