The pros and cons of Kelly Slater's new ESPN World Tour of Surfing plan

August 11, 2009 | Surfing

Kelly Slater

In the surfing world, everybody's talking about it. Kelly Slater is in the center of what can be named as a potential surfing revolution.

Is he really going to leave the Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) to debut a new World Tour of Surfing?

Are the ESPN rumors true? If so, when are we having the new global challenge?

Is ASP's World Tour so bad that we need a change? has identified some of the pros and cons of Kelly Slater's eventual new World Tour of Surfing.

Check it out:


* Refreshing new behaviors of judging and ranking system;
* New selection of world's finest surf spots;
* Live TV broadcast;
* Wider sponsorship policies;
* More relaxed and free surfing during heats;
* Having one of the greatest surfers of all time running the show;
* Top prizes and having advertising income directly to surfers (idea sent by Chev);


* Inexperience of starting a brand new World Surfing Tour;
* Losing ASP's longtime know-how;
* Having two parallel competition running, just like the Kiteboarding's PKRA/KPWT endless war;
* Starting a unnecessary battle for the ISA sports approval;
* Delay surfing as an Olympic sport;
* Delivering surfing to business men who do not understand what a "Take Off" is;

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