Westerly Windina: the woman formerly known as Peter Drouyn

"Westerly" is the upcoming feature-length documentary film about surf icon Peter Drouyn, who changed sex after suffering a traumatic surfing accident that nearly drowned him. Meet Westerly Windina.

Peter Drouyn lived the perfect surfing life: titles, adoration, and glory.

In the 1960s and 1970s, the Gold Coast surfer did almost everything. He was a lawyer, a father, an actor, and an entertainer.

The hypersensitive and introspective young surfer grew up in a sexist surf industry, which did not allow for uncommon differences.

In 2002, everything had to change in Drouyn's life.

After suffering a surfing accident, Peter's feminine side fully emerged.

"It was a supernova," explained the new Westerly. "It just kicked in one night, and suddenly Peter went, Westerly was there."

The controversial metamorphosis into Westerly Windina was announced on Australian national television six years later.

The nation was shocked, and Windina went on to live a lonely and poor life.

Alan White and Jamie Brisick are raising funds to film "Westerly," with no intentions of judging the 62-year-old surfer or supporting the gender reassignment surgery.

The film about the troubled life of Westerly Windina, a superstar surfer three decades ago, follows the early junior champion titles, the introduction of surfing in China, the adoption of the method style of acting in the teaching of surfing, and the sex change operation.

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