Andy Irons' garage: virtually untouched and full of priceless surf memorabilia

It's still hard to believe that Andy Irons is not surfing the same waves we do. But while there are memories, he will continue to live in our minds and hearts.

Recently, brother Bruce Irons, wife Lyndie Irons, and longtime friend Joel Parkinson visited Andy's garage, which has been virtually untouched since his passing in 2010.

The first thing you see when the garage doors open is surfboards. Dozens of white surfboards with the Billabong logo, fins installed, and ready to go.

Then, an incredible contrast - the red, blue, yellow, black, and white jerseys with the ASP World Tour insignia and the traditional sponsor logos. Remember when Foster's backed up pro surfing?

Andy Irons' garage could very well be a public museum.

The surf champion collected and stored nearly everything he got in his career: three world title and event trophies, surf memorabilia, golf clubs, XXL checks, Hawaiian flags, magazine covers, photos, and personal belongings.

The garage also reveals a lot about the Andy/Kelly rivalry, i.e., the Darth Vader/Luke Skywalker conflict and the tight finals they participated in.

According to Lyndie Irons, Andy's favorite photo is still there, hanging on the wall of his garage. It was taken by Grant Ellis, and it epitomizes Andy's relentless, fearless, and carefree surfing.

Do you miss Andy Irons? Duck dive into his brainwaves.

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