Surfboards: there's always a shaper behind a brand | Photo: Roache/The Boardroom

There's no straight answer to the question of what surfboard companies are the best in the world. But there is a perfect surfboard for your surfing style and experience, and anticipating the needs of all types of surfers is precisely what a good shaper does.

Over 400,000 surfboards are bought worldwide each year. The biggest companies and most prestigious shapers in the surfboard industry are located in the USA, Australia, and Europe.

In 2008, local artisans shaped 26 percent of the surfboards sold in the USA.

Polyurethane (PU) and expanded polystyrene foam (EPS) with epoxy formulas still rule the market.

Still, eco-friendly core materials such as cork, fungi, and wood are gaining enthusiasts and a new generation of customers.

There are thousands of surfboard builders and brands. The most experienced manufacturers have been working in the shaping room for more than five decades.

Today, and despite the computer-aided design (CAD) support, surfboard shapers are still making dreams come true with their bare hands.

Discover the largest surfboard brand directory and explore the world's famous board manufacturers.

Talk to your favorite craftsperson, and build the surfboard of your dreams - with the right length, width, thickness, rails, stringer, tail, and fin setup.

They'll do it. You'll love it.

The World's Largest Surfboard Brands List

AJW Surfboards
Album Surfboards
Bear Surfboards
BIC Sport Surfboards
Byrne Surf
Cannibal Surfboards
Canvas Surfboards
Channel Islands Surfboards
Chilli Surfboards
Dan Taylor Surfboards
Dewey Weber Surfboards
DHD Surfboards
DMZ Surfboards
Dylan Surfboards
Emery Surfboards
Firewire Surfboards
Gordon & Smith

Hot Buttered
Infinity Surfboard Co.
JP Surfboards
JS Industries
Lib Tech
Lightning Bolt
Lost Surfboards
McTavish Surfboards
Misfit Shapes
Mt Woodgee Surfboards
Panda Surfboards
Polen Surfboards
Proctor Surfboards
Pukas Surf
Robert August Surfboards
Roberts Surfboards
Rusty Surfboards

Sharp Eye Surfboards
Simon Anderson Surfboards
Stamps Surfboards
Stewart Surfboards
Studer Surfboards
Surf Prescriptions
T. Patterson Surfboards
Town & Country Surf
Vernor Surfboards
Viking Surfboards
Vulcan Surfboards
Walden Surfboards
Warner Surfboards
Wave Riding Vehicles
Webber Surfboards
Xanadu Surf Designs

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