The surfboard for riding the asphalt

January 8, 2016 | Surfing
Daniel Büeler: riding a surfboard in the mountains of Switzerland

Daniel Büeler has shaped a surfboard for landlocked riders.

Switzerland has no waves. The nearest coastline is located 200 kilometers to the south (Ligurian Sea), and 700 kilometers to the west (Atlantic Ocean). Switzerland is all about snowboarding and skiing.

The Swiss Confederation has more than 1500 lakes covering six percent of the national territory. There are perfect conditions for stand-up paddleboarding, but waves and surfing are, still, a mirage. At least, until an artificial wave park hits Zurich.

Young skier-surfer Daniel Büeler was not happy with Mother Nature's plans for his nation. The Swiss wanted to ride a surfboard on his country. Therefore, he asked himself: what do you do when you don't have waves?

He grabbed a wood plank, shaped it like a polyurethane surfboard, added a leash and wheels, put his wetsuit one, and literally hit the road. The board even features a traction pad. What a brilliant idea.

"A friend and I wanted to go as surfers to a carnival party. So we built the surf-skateboard; it worked very well, and people liked it. Then, we had the idea of making a short movie that could be funny and a bit ironic," Büeler told

Daniel proved that the surfboard for landlocked wave riders really works. The Swiss carved the asphalt and even pulled a few tail slides.