The surfboard made of beach trash

March 9, 2011 | Surfing
Spirare Surfboards: a fin made of a bottle

A surfboard made of beach trash. This unbelievable business idea is "owned" by Kevin Cunningham, surfer and founder of Spirare Surfboards, an environmentally-friendly surf company.

"Spirare Sustainable Surf Craft" is a project that transforms debris into objects of design. That is a beautiful surfboard.

But how did he do it? Kevin Cunningham recycles plastic and glass and reuses them in the skin of the surfboard. Also, plastic bottles are cut up and reassembled into fins.

The first limited series of recycled surfboards will be featured in galleries around the USA, and then 100 will be sold as custom orders.

The project needs your support. Let's take the debris out of our ocean and protect what we love most: waves and oceans.

Remember that in a foam board with a wooden stringer, only 3-4 percent is a renewable material.

Take a look at Spirare Surfboards' website and get in touch with Kevin Cunningham. Backers of the project will receive priority status for any custom surfboard order.

Learn how to shape a surfboard.

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