Duct tape and wood: that's all you need to make a surfboard

Jack Buckingham is a British surfer-vlogger. He built a surfboard out of duct tape and wood in five days.

Buckingham got the things needed in his shed. With a saw, some screws, a drill, chunks of wood, and 50 rolls of tape, he shaped a silver surfboard.

Jack studied carpentry and woodwork at college, but he never liked it. Now, the creative craftsman used his learned skills to make a surfable object.

Initially, he thought of making a frame out of wood and covering it with duct tape.

He laid an old snapped surfboard over the top of the frame so that he could use a saw and follow the outline of the curve, cut it out, and then fill in the rest of the gaps.

The plan was to have rails using pipe insulation. Jack wanted the board to float. But the outcome was far from acceptable.

Reinforcement Worked

The board was bumpy and lumpy and too fragile to be taken to the water.

"I had a problem with the original surfboard frame that I made. The rails kind of dipped in a little bit, and the rails had no stability. The four layers of duct tape were solid, though," explained Jack Buckingham.

"The board also didn't have any rocker whatsoever. It was just a straight bit of wood with duct tape and pipe insulation. There's no way that was going to work."

The finished 2.0 version took him four days to make and even has a rocker and a fin.

Jack Buckingham basically reinforced the board using cladding and extra wood in the whole structure so that his feet had something to stand on.

A surfboard is what we want it to be. Did it work in the surf? Check for yourself.

Words by Luís MP | Founder of SurferToday.com

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