The ShapeShifting Surfboard: it changes while you ride

Melbourne technology firm Airbag Labs has teamed up with pro surfer Jack Robinson to develop a shapeshifting surfboard.

Can you imagine a surfboard that changes and adapts to shifting swell and ocean conditions? The future is now, according to the designers and engineers behind the ShapeShifting project.

"The design works by utilizing a conductive aerographene, as the lightest material ever created," explains Nick Wright, concept designer at Airbag Labs.

"As you pass electric current through it, it expands and contracts. Using a touch-sensitive display, you can localize the change on the nose, the rails, and the tail to wherever conditions you're in."

Having the ability to adapt as the conditions change sounds like a miracle, but it is not. The developers believe the shapeshifting surfboard will be a game changer with its collapsible fin system and outline mutation.

The idea is part of the Oakley Future Sport Project.

The sketches have been loaded into the 3D software, and the whole concept is taking shape. Literally.

We can't wait for the first-ever ShapeShifting surfboard.

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