Big Wave Surfing: a revolutionary perspective

It's always good when surf books are written by someone who works as a computer architect. "Big Wave Surfing: Extreme Technology Development, Management, Marketing and Investing" is the best-selling book by Kenneth J. Thurber.

The new surf book delivers a fresh approach to the world of surfing. At the same time, this is an exercise of surf branding, business management, technology and entrepreneurship.

"Big Wave Surfing: Extreme Technology Development, Management, Marketing and Investing" could easily be taught in a MBA class. Thurber's work won the "Best Small Business Book of 2012", a trophy awarded by Small Business Trends.

The creative book has reached Amazon's #1 weekly ranking for "Business and Investing" as well as "Computers and Internet". Recently, this unique guide was named the 2011/2012 winner of the "How To" category, in the Los Angeles DIY Book Festival.

The "Big Wave Surfing Book" is a disruptive guide to the future of surfing. Nothing is taken for granted. Surfing is such a wide outdoor activity that impossible is nothing.

"It is necessary that big wave surfers be synthesizers. Synthesizers are people who can think about ideas and develop new concepts or variations of concepts. They develop new ways to apply, develop, modify or build new technologies and applications on top of existing technologies", writes Thurber.

"The ideas can be simple, like taking advances in semiconductor technology to make calculators the size of cigarette packs. Alternatively, they might develop a new paradigm of communications like packet switching, which enables the Internet", he adds.

Get a new perspective about the world of surfing.

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