The visual art and history of fin design

August 14, 2013 | Surfing
The Fin Project: art and history

"theFINproject" is the latest visual exploration of the craft, history and people behind the fin.

They say it is the most instrumental element in the progression of surfing. Surfboard fins, how critical are they in modern wave riding?

The history of the surf fins is also written with art. Timothy Hogan, founder of "theFINproject", combines his love of surfing with his passion for photography.

"I believe that developments in fin design from pioneers such as Tom Blake, Bob Simmons, George Greenough (to name a few) have propelled surfing more than any other single element in the history of the sport. They are surfing's unsung heroes", explains Hogan.

"We will be producing a gallery show, coffee table book and feature-length documentary exploring the story of the fin. We're not so good at sitting still", he adds.

"theFINproject" will be releasing its first series of fine art photographs available for purchase online.

The photos are just the beginning of this project, which will eventually grow to encompass a gallery show, photography book, documentary film and an online archive.

Also, discover the best surfboard fins in the world and how to choose the right fins for your surfboard.

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