The Wave Bristol: the first full-size Wavegarden Cove facility open to the public in Europe | Illustration: The Wave Bristol

The Wave, a project to build an inland surfing destination on the edge of the Bristol, announced that it has signed a contract with its Spanish technology partner, Wavegarden.

The company revealed that it has now started work on site, and also secured the financial backing of Jar Capital Ltd to fully fund the development.

The project will be using Wavegarden's cutting-edge "The Cove" wave-making technology to bring surfing to the English coastal city.

The Cove technology generates up to 1,000 quality waves per hour, with heights starting at 50 centimeters and peaking at almost two meters, allowing people of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities to experience the joy of surfing.

The Wave Bristol has potential to host up to 80 surfers at the same time, and they all will have the opportunity to enjoy six distinct surfing zones, with waves of different sizes and power.

Whether it's a professional surfer training for the Olympics, or children getting on a board for the first time, everyone will be welcome at The Wave.

"It has been a long, and at times frustrating, journey along the road to realizing my dream of building a beautiful inland surfing destination," tells founder Nick Hounsfield.

"However, we now have land and planning permission, financial backers, the right technology, and an incredible team of experts working together to make the vision a reality."

"It is all systems go, and we are now on site preparing for construction!"

The timeline for development and completion will see the lake being ready and pushing waves for a testing period in the middle of 2019, with the aim of being fully open to the public in the Autumn of 2019.

"As those who have been following the project from the start will know, we have looked at a number of different wave-making options."

"We were searching for a technology that's commercially viable, with high-frequency waves of different sizes to suit all abilities."

"It is essential to us that the technology offers a true ocean-like experience. The Wavegarden Cove meets all our requirements and more."

The Wave Bristol: the surf pool will generate up to 1,000 quality waves per hour | Illustration: The Wave Bristol

A Surf Pool For Everyone

The Wave will be an inclusive destination. It is being designed to ensure it is fully accessible to all and will give those with disabilities the opportunity to learn to surf or improve their surfing in a safe environment.

"As an adaptive surfer and active outdoors athlete in the disabled community, I could not be more excited about the development of accessible, world-class waves within our communities," adds Spike Kane, a UK adaptive surfer.

"The Wave Bristol has a vision of barrier-free design that welcomes and accommodates absolutely everybody."

"I believe that it will be instrumental in the growth and development of adaptive surfing in the UK, Europe, and beyond, and I hope the approach the team is taking will amplify the need for inclusive, creative design and inspire others to follow suit. I know it will be a beacon of light for me!"

The chairman of Surfing England, Bruce Daniel, is excited about the new surf pool and supports the plans for The Wave.

The organization sees it as a facility that will promote the benefits and values of surfing to people across all sections of society.

"We hope the recent news that surfing is now an Olympic sport will draw more people into the surfing community, with The Wave as a prime example of the 'Art of the Possible' for those in inland areas. We look forward to working with and supporting The Wave over the forthcoming years," states Daniel.

The Wave Bristol will be the first full-size Wavegarden Cove facility open to the public in Europe and the second in the world after Melbourne, Australia.

"Six years ago, I was definitely unaware of what it actually takes to make a project like this a reality. The mountainous waves of paperwork that need negotiating, the countless set-backs, unexpected changes and the huge funding requirements," concludes Nick Hounsfield.

"I certainly had no idea of the patience and tenacity needed to drive this venture forward. It is an incredible feeling to say we are now on site, and I would like to thank everyone who has believed in and supported the project over the last few years."

Located in the southwest of England, Bristol is an exciting outdoor city with 456,000 inhabitants, often considered the street art capital of Europe.

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