Paige Alms: giving everything in the waves she rides | Photo:

She has the shoulders of a swimmer and all the courage in the world. Dive into the world of Paige Alms, the ultimate female big wave surfer.

"The Wave I Ride: Paige Alms' Story" is a 70-minute documentary that reveals the story of a Hawaiian hell woman. Alms has ridden some of the world's most dangerous surf breaks and, like all chargers of her generation, she always wants more.

The film, directed by Devyn Bisson, illustrates how Paige broke all barriers and built her name in a male-dominated arena. Carissa Moore, Greg Long, and Keala Kennelly add insights on how she did it.

"What I didn't expect is the shocking lack of interest the industry had in supporting a female athlete, one who had made history. But that didn't stop us," reveals Bisson.

"I found so much power in telling her story, and we've always done whatever possible to keep pushing this film forward to be the voice that the industry might not echo."

Paige Alms was born in Maui. She began surfing at the age of 9 and, since then, she has been raising the bar for big wave surfing.

Alms is also the first woman to get barreled at Jaws.

It is likely that "The Wave I Ride" will help change the way contest organizers look at the role of women in the sport and society.

Maybe it will unlock the formula that keeps female surfers out of big wave competitions.

And when that day arrives, Paige Alms will surely be one of the favorites to win in Mavericks, Jaws, Todos Santos, Nazaré, Pico Alto, Dungeons, Punta de Lobos, or Nelscott Reef.

Because confidence, mental preparation, and a go-for-it attitude are not exclusive male attributes.

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