The wetsuit for flying underwater

February 20, 2013 | Surfing
Oceanwings: flying underwater

"Oceanwings" is the new wetsuit for flying underwater. The prototype was developed by French designer Guillaume Binard.

Watermen will love it. If "Oceanwings" hits the market, it will be possible to train underwater skills and lung power.

The futuristic wetsuit was inspired by skydiving wingsuits and allows the wearer an underwater flight experience, as the arm fins enhance swimming power.

"Oceanwings" is made of classic neoprene. The lower region of the innovative wetsuit is restricted to keep the wearers legs in position, while gliding underwater.

"This project shows the similarities between the air and water environments finding their main diference with density", explains Guillaume Binard.

"Then a smooth and slow flight express how powerfull are the emotions and feelings that the underwater world generates on human being".

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