The wonderful surfing life at "Kook Paradise"

July 27, 2012 | Surfing
Kook Paradise: style is everything in surfing

Welcome to Kook Paradise and enjoy the pleasures of relaxed surfing.

Tin Ojeda and Danny Di Mauro have captured and edited a very cool and entertaining surf movie. "Kook Paradise" promises to be the most interesting film release of the year 2012.

You do not learn how to be the perfect surf kook. You simply are a kook by definition and birth. That is why the footage delivered by Ojeda and Di Mauro is so revealing.

The art of "kookism" or "kookiness" is naive and hard to imitate, and "Kook Paradise" easily gathers some of the finest examples. Surf socks, breathtaking warm-up exercises, innovative surf techniques, stylish haircuts, and sexy surf poses are all in there.

"Kook Paradise is a motion picture outside the tradition of criticism and review. It is a pure emotional testament to the state of surfing in its current form", explain the film directors.

The cherish on top of the cake is absolutely delicious. Funny narrator lines, lo-fi images, and outdated lettering make "Kook Paradise" one of the most important surf movies of the last decades.

Do you remember "Fantasy Island" and "The Love Boat"? This one's far better.