Things you probably didn't know about Kelly Slater

Kelly Slater: winner of the 1995 Chiemsee Pipe Masters | Photo: Quiksilver

Kelly Slater is the most successful pro surfer of all time. With 11 world surfing titles under his belt, the Floridian is also one of the most popular athletes on the planet.

Today, Slater is more than just a surfer. He is surfing's G.O.A.T., but also an activist for environmental causes, a philanthropist, and a successful entrepreneur. 

Kelly Slater's artificial surf pool system will change the future of the sport, but when it comes to competing and winning titles, he's not done yet.

The Floridian says he will surf Pipeline until he's 90.

The Kelly Slater world is rich, deep, vibrant, and colorful. As an athlete, he's the past, present, and future of surfing.

As a man, he is a savvy gentleman with a wide variety of tastes and preferences.

Kelly Slater has improved the sport of surfing and continues to help refine the surfers' reputation.

So without further ado, let's take a look at a few facts you likely didn't know about the greatest surfer of all time:

When and where was Robert Kelly Slater born?
He was born on February 11, 1972, in Cocoa Beach, Florida.

When did Kelly Slater appear in Baywatch?
The pro surfer starred in 27 Baywatch episodes between 1992 and 1996. He played the role of Jimmy Slade.

Who are his parents?
Kelly Slater is the son of Stephen Slater and Judy Moriarity. His father was a bait-and-tackle shop owner, and his mother was an emergency medical technician (EMT) and firefighter.

Does he have brothers and sisters?
Yes. Kelly Slater has a younger brother, Stephen, and an older brother, Sean.

Kelly Slater: the greatest pro surfer of all time | Photo: Quiksilver

When did Kelly Slater begin to surf?
He started surfing at the age of five with a bodyboard with fins. He stood up and surfed on that board for years.

Is he goofy or regular?
Kelly Slater is a natural footer, but he can easily switch stance.

What are his height and weight?
Kelly Slater is 5'9'' and weighs approximately 160 pounds (72.5 kilograms).

Does he have kids?
Kelly Slater has a daughter named Taylor. She was born in 1996.

What are Kelly Slater's nicknames?
The King, Slates, Kells, King Kelly.

When did Kelly Slater get his first surfboard?
He got his first surfboard in 1980.

Who are his favorite bodyboarders?
Kelly Slater's favorite boogieboarders are Mike Stewart and Damien Martin.

Did he ever win the United States Surfing Championships?
Yes. He won two Menehune titles and two Boys titles.

When did Slater turn pro?
Kelly turned pro at 18 and immediately won the 1990 Body Glove Surfbout in Trestles, California. However, he finished his rookie world tour year ranked 43rd.

What was his first movie?
His first sponsor-funded film was "Kelly Slater in Black and White."

Kelly Slater: riding the barrel at the 2001 Pipeline Masters | Photo: Quiksilver

Has he ever posed nude?
Yes. Kelly Slater posed naked for ESPN's Body Issue.

Was he ever in a band?
Yes. Kelly Slater joined Rob Machado and Peter King in a band called The Surfers.

Where did Slater buy his first apartment?
Kelly bought his first flat in Australia when he was 20.

What do Kelly Slater and Andy Warhol have in common?
The surfer made the cover of Warhol's magazine in 1996. The headline said: "Half Fish Total Dish: This Guy Could Save Our Water."

What's the name of Kelly Slater's clothing brand?
His fashion label is Outerknown.

For how long did he ride for Quiksilver?
Kelly Slater signed a six-figure contract with the brand in 1990 and only split with Quiksilver in 2014.

How wealthy is the greatest pro surfer of all time?
Kelly Slater has an estimated fortune of over $20 million.

When did Slater win his first world surfing title?
He won his first ASP World Tour title in 1992 when he was 20 years old.

Kelly Slater: a master in the barrel | Photo: Rabejac/Quiksilver

What is Kelly Slater's favorite surf spot?
His favorite surf break is Cloudbreak in Fiji.

Who were his biggest rivals of all time?
Kelly Slater's biggest rival was Andy Irons, but Tom Curren and Mark Occhilupo were also fierce opponents.

How many times did Kelly Slater win the Billabong Pipeline Masters?
He won the event eight times (1992, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1999, 2008, and 2013).

How many Championship Tour (CT) contests has he won?
Kelly Slater won 56 CT events. The first was the Rip Curl Pro Landes in 1992, and the last one was the Billabong Pro Pipeline in 2022.

How many Triple Crown of Surfing trophies has Slater won?
The Floridian won the Triple Crown of Surfing in 1995, 1998, and 2019.

Who are his ex-girlfriends?
In the past, Kelly Slater dated Pamela Anderson, Gisele Bündchen, Cameron Diaz, and Bar Refaeli.

Who is Kelly Slater dating?
The pro surfer is dating Kalani Miller, the founder of the fashion label Mikoh.

What was one of the most dangerous wipeouts he ever suffered?
Kelly Slater almost drowned in Capbreton in France during the 2015 Quiksilver Pro France.

What are his favorite foods and drinks?
Kelly Slater loves Indonesian flavors and adores smoothies and red wine. He is an avid organic food supporter, and he rarely drinks alcohol. "I'm a two-beer guy. All the fun happens in the first two."

What is Kelly Slater's favorite movie?
The Floridian pro surfer loves "Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory."

Kelly Slater: always focused, always carving | Photo: Quiksilver

What did he want to be when he grew up?
Kelly Slater wanted to be a professional ventriloquist. After that, he wanted to be an actor or a comedian because he thought Steve Martin was funny.

Does Kelly Slater have famous friends?
Yes. He is often seen playing guitar with Eddie Vedder and Pearl Jam, and he is a close friend of Jack Johnson.

What are Kelly Slater's favorite hobbies?
Kelly Slater enjoys golfing (his handicap is +2), playing guitar with friends, composing music, and martial arts.

Has Kelly Slater ever been in a video game?
Yes. Actually, he named a console video game for the PlayStation 2 and Xbox. It was called "Kelly Slater's Pro Surfer," and it is considered one of the best surfing games of all time.

Has any biography of Kelly Slater been published?
Yes. The life of Kelly Slater has been revealed in "Pipe Dreams: A Surfer's Journey" and "Kelly Slater: For the Love."

How many Perfect 20 heats has he scored?
Kelly Slater has had three Perfect 20 heats in his career. Two of them were scored at Teahupoo and one at Cloudbreak.

How many times did he break his feet?
Slater broke his feet four times during his career.

Who's his favorite band?
Kelly Slater likes Little Dragon.

What is his best-known aerial move?
Kelly Slater pulled an unforgettable 540 air in Peniche, Portugal, in 2014.

When will Slater retire?
Kelly announced he would retire from pro surfing in 2020, three decades after his rookie year.

Is the Floridian surfer on social media?
Yes. Kelly Slater is on Facebook (@KellySlater), Twitter (@kellyslater, and Instagram (@kellyslater).

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