Koa Rothman: living the dream | Photo: Hallman/WSL

Koa Rothman had a very busy 2018. He traveled the world in search of the perfect wave and got back to his home in Hawaii to tell the whole story.

In less than 12 months, Rothman had the chance to chase huge swells and party hard. His adventures were captured on tape by Jack Germain, who followed the pro surfer, night and day, everywhere he went.

Koa got barreled in Fiji, Africa, Indonesia, Tahiti, California, and Hawaii and released weekly videos documenting each experience and escapade. And then, all episodes were into 29 minutes of fun.

"This is Livin': The Movie" is a collection of the best moments lived by Koa Rothman in 2018. You'll witness plenty of surf-riding moments but also the classic dramas that surround a surf traveler's life.

"I felt I had some really big shoes to fill with my brother being Makua Rothman, my dad Eddie Rothman," explains Koa.

The 25-year-old charger started surfing on the North Shore of Oahu when he was just a kid. So, his destiny was written in the ocean.

"Growing up with Kala Alexander living next door, Kai 'Borg' Garcia, all Makua's friends, and pro surfers like Andy and Bruce Irons, I always felt that I had to do that. No one around me had a nine-to-five."

As a recap of Koa Rothman's daily life, "This is Livin': The Movie" does the job pretty well.

It shows the surf world's good and bad from an athlete's perspective without losing its core - the moment he takes off on a wave.

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