Pro surfers: waxing the surfboard for the 10th time in less than 20 minutes

Pro surfers are always under extreme stress. They need to keep sponsors, judges, fans, event managers, family, and friends happy with their performances while maintaining style and coolness.

The professional surfing circus can be, at times, quite ungrateful. The sport is under the media spotlight.

Several million fans watch online broadcasts, and brands want to market their products with the help of celebrities.

The standard surfing recipe does not allow many variations. Be cool, show sportsmanship, smile, show self-confidence, surf well, and let life do the rest.

As in any other sport, surfing has its vices, practices, mannerisms, and modus operandi.

Some behaviors pass almost unnoticed, but the surf industry has a few good ones.

So, what are the most charming, unusual, and atypical tics, habits, and behaviors in pro surfing?

1. Splashing Water The Kelly Slater Way

Are you being hassled? Are you running out of time? Do you fear or want to irritate your opponent? Was your wave underscored?

Splash the water while paddling or while waiting for the next set. Why? Just because it's cool.

2. The Unbearable Silence in the Line-Up During Heats

You're holding a precious priority in the last minute of a final. Your opponent knows that and is sitting one meter away from you, desperate to get a wave.

Both surfers have much to say, but silence reigns. In the absence of communication, anxiety grows.

3. Glancing Through the Corner of the Eye in the Line-Up During Heats

Silence invades the line-up, but the surfers' two-eye cameras are always working.

A quick glance provides important information about your opponent's intentions. Or not.

4. Thanking Free Surfers for their Patience

...when leaving the contest area for hours, days, and even up to one week. Surf contest commentators spread peace, love, and understanding like clerics.

Local surfers will be forced to leave the line-up during competitions, no matter what.

"A big shout-out to the local free surfers. Thank you for sharing your waves". Yeah, right.

5. Waxing Surfboards that Are Already Waxed Before Each Heat

A classic pro surfer tic.

Competitive surfers tend to re-wax their surfboards fifteen minutes before hitting the water. For the tenth time. In two hours.

6. Putting the Sponsor Cap On When TV Cameras and Photographers Are Around

Even when it's raining, pro surfers are advised by their sponsors to protect themselves from the sun.

Photo op? No, just skin protection.

7. Punching the Surfboard After Losing the Heat

Surfboards are live entities and should be educated

If a pro surfer can't land an aerial or rails carve too much, blame the surfboard with a good fist or head punch.

8. Claiming Waves Discreetly Like a British Gentleman

They say judges and commentators don't like claims, but they're the only ones. Fans love enthusiastic wave claims.

Pro surfers tend to use a middle term with low-profile body language. Tested. It works.

9. Using the Entire Surfing Phrase Arsenal in an Interview

...starting with "yeah."

"Yeah, happy to get through to the next round. Yeah, just stoked. Yeah, I've always loved this wave. Yeah, I just want to surf and go heat by heat. Yeah, feels great."

10. Using the Word "Stoked" After Losing a Final

It's great to find happiness in defeat. Only surfers can do that.

"Yeah, just stoked to finish runner-up. It's a great result."

Words by Luís MP | Founder of

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