Tim Bonython's "The Big Wave Project" is set to impress

February 10, 2017 | Surfing
Aaron Gold: riding one of the biggest paddle wave ever at Jaws | Photo: WSL

Australian surf photographer and filmmaker Tim Bonython is the man behind "The Big Wave Project," an exhilarating surf movie experience.

The film documents the evolution of big wave surfing in the past decades, and it became an obsession for its actors and actresses.

To make "The Big Wave Project" a reality, Bonython traveled the world, interviewed the stars of the extreme surfing scene, and captured the best waves, from the perfect angles, at the right time.

Tim Bonython lives and breathes surfing. He has been chasing the biggest swells on the planet alongside top performers and contemporary death-defying athletes. The film took five years to complete.

"The Big Wave Project: A Band of Brothers " showcases all the stars of the systems. Names like Alex Gray, Jamie Mitchell, Greg Long, Mark Healey, Keala Kennelly, Grant "Twiggy" Baker, Andrew Cotton, Nathan Fletcher, Andrea Moller, Ryan Hipwood, James Hollmer-Cross, and others risked their lives so that we can witness the ultimate Nature vs. Humans confrontation.

"We hear candid personal, no-holes-barred accounts as the real fear of death walks side by side with ultimate personal glory," Tim Bonython explains.

The big wave surfing movie was shot at The Right, Jaws, Nazare, and Teahupoo. In all these infamous surf breaks, the mindset of the performers was tuned with a single and clear goal: to ride the world's biggest wave.

Tim Bonython's "The Big Wave Project" premieres in May 2017 during the Australian Surf Movie Festival.