The Seaglass Project - Tuna: back to basics

One of our goals here at GSI is to push the boundaries of surfing craft. We invest a lot into researching and developing new technologies and new experiences for all levels of surfing.

Over the past 18 months, we have been working with Tom Wegener, and together, we would like to invite you to put yourself out there and experience something new - The Seaglass Project - Tuna.

Tom has a great love for the ancient Hawaiian Alaia surfboard; he has been researching, shaping, and riding them for years.

Now, proficiently riding a true Alaia can take a while to master.

Still, The Seaglass Project's Tuna is the perfect blend of the Alaia shape and new technology, resulting in a finless board that, after only a few sessions, will have you screaming down the line, sliding, throwing 360s, maybe even getting some air - all in a controlled out of control manner that will have you gagging for more.

Yep, we're pumped about it!

If you like a bit of an adrenalin rush or fancy trying something new, check out The Seaglass Project pages on our website, where you can watch videos of Tom talking about The Seaglass Project concept, describing the features of the Tuna, download the board specs, and heaps more.

Find your local dealer and take one for a test drive, but you better take your wallet because you'll definitely want to take one home!

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