Two sharks spotted in Zavial Beach

August 20, 2011 | Surfing
Zavial Beach: Levante dreams

Two sharks have been spotted in Zavial Beach, in Algarve, Portugal. All swimmers, surfers and scuba divers were told to leave the water as panic grew among relatives on the beach.

Sharks are very rare in the south of Portugal. Zavial Beach is one of the best surf spots of the region and it is known for its mild water temperature and perfect waves.

Lifeguards confirm they have spotted four-metre sharks and not dolphins, as initially was supposed. No one was hurt and soon after the animals left the seashore.

Every time there's Levante - a warm and Eastern wind - sharks may be spotted offshore. The temperature of the water has risen and so the probabilities of being visited by sharks increase.

Zavial Beach, also known as Z-Point, was considered a secret spot for many years. Today, the peak is often surfed by many Portuguese and international riders.

This point break can surfed in middle-to-low tide on the right side of the beach. Beginners should only take the wave in the center of the beach. Currents in the changing tides can be dangerous.

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