US Blanks adds Incide carbon fiber technology to blank production

June 29, 2013 | Surfing
Incide Blanks: carbon fiber is the Brain

US Blanks will add the Incide technology to the production of surfboard blanks.

Incide is a carbon fiber, miniature surfboard known as "The Brain", positioned inside the foam surfboard blank and serving as a stringer replacement.

The world's leading surfboard blank manufacturer was looking for a new material, as surfers complained about surfboards losing their liveliness after extended use.

"The material is five times stronger than steel, but retains flex properties that are similar to a traditional wood stringer. The real selling point for Incide is not just the strength and flex, but rather, the return to static", explains Dan Mann, creator of Incide.

Carbon fiber is already used to improve equipment in golf, snowboarding and even race cars. Its properties make sure that even if the foam exterior absorbs superficial damage, the overall flex pattern and the board's performance remains unchanged.

"The carbon fiber 'Brain' provides supreme strength and flex pattern, but the EPS foam shell allows the shaper the same creative freedom as a traditional blank. The only difference is felt by the surfer, in the form of added performance and life of the board", adds US Blanks.

US Blanks will add the Incide blanks to the traditional production of polyurethane foam blanks, as an alternative surfboard construction material.

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