Windguru: revamped 15 years after being founded

Windguru, the world's most popular surf forecasting website, has finally been revamped.

Considered by many the most accurate weather source of information about winds and waves, Windguru has remained unchanged and untouched since it was founded in 2000 by Vaclav Hornik.

The new Windguru - still in beta tests - maintains the look of the classic version, but it is now ready for a mobile world.

Hornik, a passionate windsurfer, says that the renovation was not an easy task.

"After months of hard work, many sleepless nights, and a few suicide attempts, I can finally show you the beta of the new Windguru website. The main goal was to make it modern and mobile-friendly while keeping all the features you like," stated Hornik.

"There are new forecast maps (GFS-based one is now free for all), and the live data from Windguru stations are now part of the main site. If you find bugs or have some comments, please share them with us."

The new Windguru offers clickable table values, live wind measurements, graphical forecasts, and much more.

The pro version continues with extra features, and the overall feel is much more intuitive.

Windguru uses multiple weather forecast models to produce local predictions for winds and waves.

Vaclav Hornik once revealed that his website is mostly visited by windsurfers and kiteboarders.

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