Vintage surfboards and collectibles published in surf book

April 11, 2013 | Surfing
The Ultimate Guide to Vintage Surfboards & Collectibles: 700 pages of surf history

More than 2000 photographs of surf collectibles, vintage surfboards and surfing memorabilia have been gathered in a single 700 full-color page book.

"The Ultimate Guide to Vintage Surfboards & Collectibles" comes hand-numbered and signed in a limited edition of just 399 copies. It promises to be an encyclopedia of surf history.

Contributions came from collectors, authors, historians and professional photographers from across the U.S, Hawaii, Australia, Europe, South America and Japan.

The surf book has listed roughly 1,000 surfboards. Some of them have survived since the late 1800's. Also, you'll find hundreds more figurines, paintings, drawings, trophies, posters, books, magazines, swimwear, ephemera and collectibles of every kind.

"The Ultimate Guide to Vintage Surfboards & Collectibles" has chapters dedicated to wood surfboards, the longboard era, shortboards, big wave guns, Australian and British surfboards, bellyboards and kneeboards, surf art and collectibles, posters, magazines, books, surfboard repairing, etc.

Keith Eshelman, Mark Fragale, Sandy Hall, Al Hunt, Drew Kampion, Gary Lynch, Roger Mansfield, Randy Rarick, Javier Rodriguez, Boyd Scofield, Bob Smith and Jim Winniman have made the book possible.

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