Liner System: the wateproof wave pool floor by Wavegarden | Photo: Wavegarden

Wavegarden launched Liner System, a waterproof geomembrane solution for wave pool floors.

Waterproofing a lagoon with waves is considerably more complex than waterproofing a still body of water.

Simultaneously, designing a solution for a surf pool demands a specific technology capable of withstanding the forces generated by the breaking waves.

According to Wavegarden, the Liner System has been tested extensively since 2011 at the company's R&D facility in the Basque Country.

The waterproof wave pool blanket was initially installed at two lagoons in Praia da Grama and Garopaba in Brazil.

"The civil works and waterproofing of surfing lagoons have historically posed significant challenges in our sector," explained Josema Odriozola, Founder and CEO of Wavegarden.

"After many years of meticulous research and development, we are excited to confirm that we have an efficient, robust, and proven solution."

Liner System: The Advantages

Wavegarden believes that the Liner System offers several key advantages, including:

  1. Easy Maintenance and Minimal Operational Costs: Once installed, there's practically nothing else to do;
  2. Algae and Biofilm Resistance: The liner's surface is resistant to algae and other types of biofilm, ensuring cleanliness and safety;
  3. Sustainable and Recyclable: The material is 100 percent recyclable and has a lower carbon footprint than concrete in fabrication, delivery, and installation, making it the most sustainable option;
  4. Impact Absorption: A layer of cushion can be added to absorb the impact of surfers hitting the floor;
  5. Twenty-Year Lifespan: Potentially even more, based on performance and laboratory tests;
  6. Customization and Reliability: It's a bespoke system designed and proven at Wavegarden surf parks;
  7. Reliable Civil Works: Ensuring lagoon availability of 99.9 percent;
  8. Best Adaptability to Settlements: This makes it an optimal solution for preventing leaks in the long term. Easily adaptable to future changes in the bathymetry and contour, all at a modest cost;
  9. Cost Efficiency: 40 percent cheaper than bare concrete or steel flooring, with an installation time up to 60 percent faster than an all-concrete bathymetry;
  10. Leak Detection System and Anchoring: The system includes a proprietary leak detection system, as well as a custom embedded profile to eliminate the need for mechanical fasteners, ensuring simple, safe, and durable anchoring;

Wavegarden notes that "a leaking lagoon will provide endless headaches and unforeseen expenses for developers and investors, so it's imperative to get it right from the outset."

The new wave pool floor solution is expected to be versatile and can be customized to meet the unique specifications of any project.

"Its advantages far outweigh those of concrete or steel alternatives," concludes the company.

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