Webber Wave Pools debut surf park in 2013

July 31, 2012 | Surfing
Greg Webber: surfing his artificial wave concept

Greg Webber of Webber Wave Pools is a man on a mission. He wants to deliver the best artificial wave in the world.

The improvements are around the corner. Recently, the founder of the Australian surfing project has unveiled another great photo of a good looking artificial river wave.

"The wave is "bending" toward shallower water. This effect helps us minimize current generation and backwash to almost nothing. In our pools, the whitewash will then spill into a catching pool to make sure all energy is expended without affecting any other waves", the company details.

"This is what allows us to put the hulls waves so close together and get so many people surfing perfect waves, simultaneously, continuously".

Webber Wave Pools is now working with the iconic Rabbit Bartholomew and they promise to get their first artificial wave in action, very soon.

Webber Wave Pools: the future artificial wave inspired by the wake of river boats

It seems like Greg Webber has been putting the final touches into his concept. In the last months, he has radically improved the quality of the system, which was initially inspired by the wake of river boats.

The first Webber Wave Pool will be installed in New South Wales and will be 150 metres long, partly circular. The artificial wave system is capable of delivering 1.5-metre waves.

The total investment for the first surf park is of $500,000. The debut is scheduled to Spring 2013.