Sentinels of the Sea: a stunning fine art, black-and-white photo print series by Weston Fuller | Photo: Weston Fuller

Californian photographer launched "Sentinels of the Sea," a fine art, black-and-white photo print series which depicts surfers guarding what they love - the ocean.

The iconic figure of surfers standing at the water's edge and looking out over the oncoming surf is recognized and known throughout the world.

Surfers are a symbol of individuals who are passionate about what they do and the environment they do it in.

Surf Pier | Sentinels of the Sea | Photo: Weston Fuller

This passion for the environment is something that is shared by both surfers and non-surfers alike. And that is precisely what the "Sentinels of the Sea" images capture.

The photo print series allows the viewer to connect with the image in a shared respect for protecting what we cherish most.

"Art activism is a powerful way for artists to reach viewers with a creative message within their visual art to inspire change," Weston Fuller tells SurferToday.

In a way, the professional photographer aims to inspire and trigger a reaction from the modern-day surfer. Acting is caring.

Surf Sticks | Sentinels of the Sea | Photo: Weston Fuller

The Surfers' Duty

Over the past several years, alarming statistics have been shared that support declining facts about our oceans and the impact pollution and human development have had on the environment.

We struggle with wanting progression in our societies and convenience of living. However, that comes with a cost to our coastlines and environment, which is damaging to future generations.

The answer and responsibility do not fall on the shoulders of one. Instead, it's everyone responsibility to unite to reverse the predictions.

"Images in this series have been captured and created over a period of three years as I've visited coastal communities both near my home in California throughout the Pacific Ocean," notes the award-winning photographer.

Surf Reef | Sentinels of the Sea | Photo: Weston Fuller

"These series will continue to grow as I photograph locations all over the world where I meet and see individuals standing up, supporting, and guarding our futures."

The photographs are simultaneously soothing and intense, delicate and alarming. They seem to carry a subliminal message that invites surfers to become guardians of the ocean.

Prints are available for purchase. To see the full series of "Sentinels of the Sea Series," visit .

A portion of each print is donated to help improve oceans, beaches, and coastlines throughout the world.

Surf Rays | Sentinels of the Sea | Photo: Weston Fuller

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