Seven Mile Miracle: 36 surf breaks pumping the North Shore of Oahu | Photo: Ryan Miller/Red Bull

Welcome to the North Shore of Oahu in Hawaii. Here, you'll find the most concentrated and celebrated stretch of world-class surf breaks on the planet. The region is home to the famous Seven Mile Miracle.

Hawaii is the spiritual home of surfing. It's where it all began - the ritual, the boards, the ride. Hawaii has some of the most powerful waves on the planet, surrounded by pure volcanic nature.

Despite the crowded peaks, the localism, and the limited surfing resources, the northern coastline displays an impressive number of surf spots.

The North Shore of Oahu is considered the ultimate proving ground for any surfer. It's the land of the surfing superlatives.

When we talk about surfing geography, Hawaii is a lucky archipelago. It stands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, surrounded by swells that travel from a 360-degree window.

However, the famous Seven Mile Miracle enjoys its prime time between November and February, when low-pressure systems do their work and send perfect waves toward the coastline.

Seven Mile Miracle: crowded and challenging | Photo: Ryan Miller/Red Bull

The Mecca of Surfing

So, what is the Seven Mile Miracle? Is it an old religious path? Well, almost. Actually, it can be a sacred route for the world's most passionate surfing aficionados.

If you pass this test, you'll certainly do well anywhere around the globe.

The Seven Mile Miracle is precisely what it says - a seven-mile (11.2 kilometers) stretch of sandy beaches delivering the most important surf spots in the history of surfing.

In other words, and without traffic delays, it's a collection of premier Hawaiian surf gems separated by a ten-minute drive on Kamehameha Highway.

The world-renowned stretch of Hawaiian dreams begins at Haleiwa Beach Park in the south and goes all the way to Sunset Beach in the north.

In between, there are famous peaks like Left Overs, Waimea Bay, Log Cabins, Rockpile, Off The Wall, Backdoor, Banzai Pipeline, Pupukea, Gas Chambers, Rocky Point, Monster Munch, and Kammieland, just to name a few.

Seven Mile Miracle: Banzai Pipeline is a wave of consequence | Photo: Trevor Moran/Red Bull

According to the book "Surfing Hawaii," there are 36 surf spots in the Seven Mile Miracle.

For the fearful and fearless; beach breaks, reef breaks, and point breaks; left and right-handers; mushy and tubular waves.

Hawaii's Seven Mile Miracle is truly a surfer's paradise. Heaven on Earth, with its particular characteristics and its classic hazards.

The seven-mile wonder is also a place of worship for the locals, so keep your ego out of the experience and respect everyone.

There are waves and peaks for all levels of experience. But keep in mind that the Hawaiian wave scale tends to underestimate the size of a wave.

In the Seven Mile Miracle, an eight-foot wave for the average surfer means four feet for a Hawaiian waterman.

Know more about surfing's promised land. Watch "The Seven Mile Miracle" movie.

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