Surfing: find things to do when the flat summer day arrive | Photo: Shutterstock

When summer kicks in, waves go on vacation. Learn what you can do to live through flat surfing days.

There's always a time in our lives when we can't live without surfing.

It fills our days, and we became slightly obsessed with the ritual of checking the forecast, packing up, and searching for idyllic, silky smooth, uncrowded lineups.

And you could say summer is a summer sport. At least it feels great to ride a perfect, transparent wave in a cool-to-warm ocean.

So, we all love summer, right? Not quite.

When the surf completely vanishes for days, and we desperately need it like oxygen to survive, we begin showing signs and symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression.

That's when we double-check the surf cameras every 10 minutes or have disturbing visions of sets that will never come.

Mother Nature rules our surfing waves. So, we should be ready to find alternatives when it sends out a few flat spells.

Some will include water activities; others will keep our minds busy while the first groundswell of the summer makes its way toward the coastline.

Alternatives to Surfing

Take one or more of the following surf pills. They'll keep you entertained when the surf is flat:

  1. Go Longboarding: there's always a tiny peeler breaking somewhere. All you need is a big board and a one-foot roller;
  2. Go Skimboarding: whether the tide is low or high, there's always a spot where you can glide across a flat surface;
  3. Go Skateboarding: a longboard cruiser is a surfer's best friend. Ride the asphalt and train your turns;
  4. Go SUPing: enjoy the pleasures of the ocean and watch the sights from a long distance;
  5. Go Swimming: each stroke will make you a better surfer - increase your paddling and breathing power;
  6. Go Windsurfing: all you need is wind - every surfer should own a windsurfer;
  7. Go Work Out: it might not be fun, but it will prepare you for the autumn swells;
  8. Read Surf Books: learn more about surf forecasting, discover the history of surfing, and fine-tune your maneuvers;
  9. Watch Surf Movies: observe how pro surfers complete their favorite tricks and dive into different world cultures;
  10. Practice Yoga and/or Meditation: improve your visualization skills and connect your body and mind with the ocean's energy;

Have you found small surf? Take a look at the lessons we can learn while surfing miniature waves and how to ride them properly.

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