Tesla surfboard: not indestructible

They were not afraid of breaking something that could be worth hundreds of dollars someday.

So, why would someone destroy a brand-new Tesla surfboard? The answer is simple: to see what's inside and because YouTube pays for viral videos.

In 2018, Tesla announced the launch of a limited edition 6'8'' surfboard. Only 200 boards were shaped, and they were sold for $1,500 each.

Some of the red and black surfboards produced by Matt Biolos' Lost Surfboards ended up on online auction platforms and are currently being sold for $10,000.

The crew from What's Inside bought one of the 200 boards for $3,000 and decided to check whether the board by Elon Musk's sustainable energy company had electronics built-in.

Is it a self-driving surfboard? Does it feature an autopilot mode? No way, Jose. Is it bulletproof? Does it come with a hidden GPS device? Not in a month of Sundays. It's just a regular surfboard.

After testing it out in small surf conditions, Dan Markham put the surfboard to the test. He jumped on top of it in between two Teslas until it broke into two pieces.

The stringerless Tesla surfboard revealed an EPS core, a layer of fiberglass on the deck, and another layer of carbon fiber below.

In the end, we got to know that the Tesla logo is literally the only thing that makes the limited edition surfboard expensive. It's the wonders of branding, marketers would say.

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